Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tips For Damaged Hair

Damaged weak hair can be due to many factors like lack of proper diet, hair texture, excessive use of hairstyling products, etc. The best approach for healthy hair care is to follow a diligent regimen of strengthening and protection. 

 Hair Care Tips for Weak Damaged Hair
  • Take your time when brushing your hair.
  • Choose a brush that helps, not harms your hair.
  • Be careful when using hair accessories.
  • You probably do not need to shampoo every day.
  • Most of us need conditioner to maintain our hair's health.
  • The best method to grow your hair long and healthy is to have patience while applying different care tips. 
  To prepare your hair for long-term growth
Regularly cut and trim damaged areas with split ends or poorly maintained layers.
Hair coloring products and dyes can make your hair damage and harsh chemical in coloring can damages hair and restrict their growth.
Use shampoo suitable for your hair type and remember that hair is more delicate and can easily be damaged when wet.
Long hair needs regular conditioning to rejuvenate strands that may be years old.
Drink plenty of water for natural moisture to hair.
Eat a balanced diet including multivitamins and proteins to encourage hair growth.
Massage your hair with hot oil before washing and exercise also helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.
Avoid stressful situations that may prompt hair loss.

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