Monday, September 20, 2010

Get Plump Lips With Make Up

Luscious, pouty, plump lips can be yours without cosmetic surgery. Plump up your lips with make up. Learn techniques including how to create highlights with make up, to give the illusion of plumber lips. Read tips on
how to create contours and shadows with make up in the lip area for natural lip plumping. Also learn how to
apply a lip plumper.

Prepare your Lips Before Plumping
Some lip pumping makeup products advise specifically against using the lip product on dry, cracked or chapped lips. Exfoliate lips to remove excess dry skin. Keep you lips from drying out by applying your favorite moisturizing lip balm or lip treatment nightly before bed. Opt for lip conditioners and balms containing SPF for day wear.  

How to Get Plump Lips with Makeup: Lip Plumpers
1. Line the lips along their natural line. If your lips are slightly uneven, you can also make adjustments with lip liner. For a more natural look, use a lip liner that matches your natural color. For a full night-time look, use a lip liner matching your lipstick.

2. Apply the lip plumper product, which comes in a long tube and has a lipstick shape applicator. If applying a tinted lip plumper, or a lipstick containing the lip plumper, you're done.

3. Apply lipstick on top of the lip plumper, if you used a sheer lip plump makeup product. 

Bottom Lip Contour
Create the illusion of a fuller bottom lip using foundation or pencil concealer. Choose a shade that is slightly darker than what you normally wear. If you tan in the summer months and use darker makeup, you can use that.

1. Apply a small line with the foundation or concealer directly below the center of your bottom lip.

2. Use a lip brush to blend the color toward the outer edges of the lip. This creates a natural shadow or contour line and the illusion of a plumper bottom lip.

1. Choose a a lipstick or eye shadow with light-refracting ingredients. You can also use a frosted lipstick that is a shade or two lighter than the one you are using on your full lips.

2. Apply a lighter lipstick to the center of the lips, to reflect light.

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