Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Makeup Tips (Part III )

Shape Your Eyebrows
1. Brush your eyebrows straight up with an eyebrow brush. Using small straight scissors, carefully trim any hairs that are curly or too long. Then brush the brows back into their natural shape.
2. Hold a pencil along the side of your nose to ensure that the inner edge of your brow lines up with the inside corner of your eye.
3. Move the pencil so that it intersects with your iris. The arch of your brow should line up with the pencil.
4. Angle the pencil from the outside edge of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to determine where your brow should end.
5. Tweeze where necessary and fill in with a soft pencil or powder.
6. Brush with an eyebrow brush and apply eyebrow gel to keep strays in place. You're done

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Makeup Tips (Part II )

Apply Concealer

If under eye circles or red spots remain, do not add more foundation, instead, try a concealer.

Concealer is more heavy than foundation, allowing fuller coverage of trouble spots and red areas. It can be used over foundation or on its own.
1. Since the skin under your eyes is more transparent, it tends to look dark, especially at the inner corner near the bridge of the nose. To even out the tone, concealer is a must. Using liquid concealer, gently pat over dark under-eye circles (don't sweep it across the entire area), then blend with your ring finger.
2. To cover trouble spots and imperfections, apply a thicker cream concealer onto the blemish or flaw. Then lightly press with a makeup sponge.

Tip: Choose the shade of your concealer carefully. When testing out shades, pick one that matches your skin tone or one shade lighter. It helps to use a mirror outdoors to see how shades look on your skin in natural light.

Tip: Prepare your skin with a light SPF moisturizer before applying concealer for a smoother application. 

The perfect all day flawless finish:

A light even dusting of loose powder sets foundation and concealer, giving your face a velvety, more natural finish.

Dip your powder brush in loose powder and shake off excess to avoid uneven distribution, then apply powder over entire face and neck.

To maintain a perfect finish throughout the day, apply pressed powder using a sponge or clean powder brush.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Makeup tip (Part I )

First  Step:Prepare Your Skin
To prepare a smooth canvas for your makeup, always start off with clean, moisturized skin. You'll find that your makeup glides on and blends more easily.

1. Keep your skin free of buildup by using a gentle cleanser in the morning and at night. When cleansing your face, do so gently in upward motion stokes - do not tug, pull or scrub too hard to prevent irritation.
2. Freshen up your skin with a toner containing ingredients that suit your skin type.
3. Indulge your skin and keep it hydrated with a moisturizer that is compatable with your skin type. Make sure your daytime moisturizer contains SPF to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.
4. Treat yourself to an at-home-facial 2 to 3 times a week. Use a mild cleanser, then exfoliate with a gentle scrub that contains exfoliants that are round and non-abrasive.
5. Apply a facial mask after exfoliating. Rinse off thoroughly and get a good night's sleep!

Tip: Even when you're steering clear of the sun, or it appears to be a cloudy day, always be sure your makeup foundation or moisturizer contains SPF 15 or higher. 

Apply your foundation:

 to cheeks, forehead, and chin using a foundation brush, sponge, or clean fingertips. Blend the foundation all the way to your natural hairline with long, light strokes.

Continue blending around the jawline and onto your neck to achieve a natural look. Check your face and neck in natural light to make sure the foundation is completely blended in all areas.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Best Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know (Part II )

 11. When can you skip  sunscreen ? Never  Here's a trick we wish we knew: The first beauty product you should apply every day is sunscreen, even if it's cloudy or rainy outside. Why? Good habits start young and if you use sunscreen now, you'll have gorgeous skin when you're 50, 60, 70. Remember, the sun's UV rays can penetrate clouds and car windows.

12. Wrapping hair around the barrel creates waves There's nothing cooler than long, layered waves. To get them, wind hair AROUND the barrel of a large curling iron. Reverse direction for each 2-inch section (wind up for one, down for another).

13. Self-tanner will always stink Unfortunately, even the best ones smell. Your best bet is to apply self-tanner a good 24 hours before an important event and take a shower (don't loofah) to wash off any smell. For really big events like a dance or wedding, consider a professional spray tan. These are pricey and don't last long, so make sure to do it a day before the big event.

14. Don't let nails go Not into manicures and pedicures? No worries. Just make sure to keep nails clean and the same length. If you do want to paint them, don't keep the polish on until half of it's chipped away. Also, there's nothing worse than too-long toenails. Keep nails clipped between pedicures! People tend to judge others by the care they put into their hands and feet. 

15. Don't line the inside of your eyes  It will make your eyes appear smaller. Instead, line just at the lash line. Also, an obvious line doesn't look natural. Smudge the line just a bit.

16. Oily hair? Invest in a dry shampoo If you have blonde hair, sprinkling a bit of baby powder on your roots and at your crown will soak up excess oils. If you have brown hair, you might be better off with a dry shampoo for your hair color. 

17. Shave legs at the end of the shower Cut down on nicks and cuts by making shaving the very last step in your shower or bathing ritual. 
18. Know your best feature and play it up What feature do people comment on most? Play it up. If you're told you have Angelina Jolie lips, make sure to wear gloss and play with bold lipstick colors. If it's your eye color people love, find eyeshadow colors that complement them and make sure to wear mascara. Also, know what color shirts look best on you and go shopping.

19. Scrubs are great for dry skin
If you have dry, itchy skin in winter, invest in a scrub and handmitts and scrub away in the bathtub. Make sure to slather on a thick moisturizer afterward. For dry, callousy feet, buy a pumice stone. They work better than any of the other wimpy options on the market. 

20. Remember: Beauty is mostly internal Think about a girl you know who's overweight yet all the guys love her. Why? Because she's confident. If you aren't wearing makeup and your toes haven't been repainted in weeks, if you're happy and smiling you will still be 10 times prettier than the mopey cheerleader sitting next to you in class. Trust us (wink).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The best Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know (Part I )

There's nothing worse than getting advice from older people, we know, we know, but the truth is some advice is worth taking and keeping, especially when it comes to fun beauty tips. We've been reading fashion magazines and testing beauty products for years. In this time, we've read 1000s of beauty tips, tried 1000s of products, but only a few are worth keeping around. So, here we share with you the 20 things we wish we knew when we were teenagers.

1. Skip the foundation If you have acne the first thing you want to do is slather on the thick foundation. Don't. Foundation is for women over 35. Not only will it cover up your natural beauty, but foundation on a teenager looks anything but natural. Instead, cover up blemishes with concealer, then follow with a powder or tinted mosturizer. Tinted moisturizers tend to be lighter than heavy foundations.  

2. You pat concealer in, you never rub it in We know this from watching the Tyra Banks show. When applying concealer, put a bit on the pad of your middle finger and pat it in. Never rub. Got acne? Pat the concealer on top of it. 

3. Play up your lips or your eyes, never both   If you are wearing heavy eye makeup, go for nude lips with just a bit of gloss. Prefer the drama of dark lipstick? Keep face light (stay away from heavy blush) and wear only mascara on your eyes and a light eyeshadow. Don't heavily line your eyes. Play up both and you'll look like a clown.
And never, ever line lips in a darker color than your gloss or lipstick.

4. Less is more Ever notice how some of your friends look best with no makeup at all? No matter your age, too much makeup makes you look worse. If you wear foundation, powder, blush, liner, mascara, eyeshadow, lip liner and gloss on an everyday basis, then you're overdoing it. Tone it down: All you really need is a great mascara, concealer for blemishes and gloss. Add a pop of blush in winter. 

5. Natural hair is always hot If you have super dark hair, lighten your look by going a shade darker or getting lighter highlights. Blonde? Try highlights, especially framing the face. We see too many teens lightening their hair several shades and the look can be super-tacky, not super-fabulous. The trick is to let people assume you were born with sun-kissed hair, not that you gave yourself a bad dye job from a bottle

6. Vaseline is your best friend Vaseline is a great, cheap eye makeup remover. It's also great for fixing chapped, scaly lips. Slather on a bunch of Vaseline, then use a toothbrush to massage lips. Wipe the excess off on a tissue. Your lips will be smooth and soft. 

7. You can never go wrong with layers Long layers are great for any hair type: Super curly, straight or wavy. It makes thin hair appear thicker, curly hair appear manageable and wavy hair appear just-got-back-from-the-beach sexy. Just make sure you don't get too many layers cut in. Too many short layers is dated. 

8. Acne? Get thee to a dermatologist, stat Biggest mistake people with acne make? Not going to a dermatologist. Forget those $150 jeans you covet. Getting rid of those pimples will be the best investment you'll ever make. And the only guaranteed way to do it is with a dermatologist. 

9. Spend money on key beauty products Not sure what to splurge on and what to save on?

10. Buying foundation or lipstick? Test it first There are some beauty products you simply must try out at a department store  before you buy. These include: Foundation, lipstick, blush and powder.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Againts Wrinkles(Part I )

Wrinkles are the creases, which appear on the facial skin due to age when skin starts loosing its elasticity and tightness. Sooner or later everybody gets wrinkles in life. One cannot stop getting wrinkles but one can definitely delay their arrival and reduce their appearance on the skin.
People who do not want to see wrinkles on the face get the laser treatments done. They get the surgery done or at times they do the botox treatment one where filling is done on the skin. Such treatments have a lasting period of as much as ten years. Still the visible appearance is lesser than natural wrinkles. If one doesn't want to go under the knife, one can try some natural ways to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles.
  • First thing which should be done to keep the skin young is drinking lots of water. One should drink as much as minimum 2 liters of water in a day.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle where you eat healthy balanced diet, do regular exercise and take proper sleep.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Consume dairy products and take vitamin supplements if your body lacks them.
  • Reduce the stress level by doing meditation and yoga. It helps to keep stress in control and detoxify the skin with the breathing techniques.
  • Cut off your daily intake of tea and coffee as they do no good to the skin and makes it older than time.
  • Quit smoking and drinking if you are addicted to as smokers are tend to get a skin which is 10 years older than their actual age.

Additional care to be given to the skin to reduce wrinkles:

  • Massage your skin with vitamin E based cream with the help of your fingertips to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Keep the body hydrate as dry skin gets early signs of age. Always apply a good moisturizer based on your skin type.
  • When the age crosses 30, starts applying anti wrinkle cream especially at night because that is the best time to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Get the facial done at least once a month.
  • Almonds are a rich source of vitamin D if 2 soaked almond have been eaten in a day, makes lots of difference to your skin.
  • Apply facemasks, which are good to tone up the skin.
  • Some facial exercises if done regularly for 5-10 minutes helps skin to stay young.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Homemade Recipe For Damaged Hair

Ever dyed your hair and absolutely hated it? Well here is a very easy way to get rid of the dye in your hair and put your hair back to being natural. The best part is it is completely easy to use with little to no expense

1.Mix one part Vitamin C Powder to Two Parts Pert Shampoo.

 2.Place in a bowl, a quarter sized drop of shampoo and Vitamin C powder while mixing with a fork to form a frothy paste
3.Add the above mixture to your hair and work through to the ends. Leave the mixture in for at least 30 minutes min to 45 minutes max and then rinse out, repeat the process if desired results have not been reached.

 4.Shampoo with normal shampoo afterwards and condition with the following conditioning treatment to put your hair back in great shape.

 5.Homemade Egg Conditioner Recipe


* 1 teaspoon baby oil
* 1 egg yolk
* 1 cup water

 Beat the egg yolk until its frothy, add the oil then beat again. Add to the water. Massage into the scalp and throughout your hair. Rinse well.
Storage: Most recipes require refrigeration since they don't contain preservatives. Shelf Life is approximately 1 week.

Tips For Damaged Hair

Damaged weak hair can be due to many factors like lack of proper diet, hair texture, excessive use of hairstyling products, etc. The best approach for healthy hair care is to follow a diligent regimen of strengthening and protection. 

 Hair Care Tips for Weak Damaged Hair
  • Take your time when brushing your hair.
  • Choose a brush that helps, not harms your hair.
  • Be careful when using hair accessories.
  • You probably do not need to shampoo every day.
  • Most of us need conditioner to maintain our hair's health.
  • The best method to grow your hair long and healthy is to have patience while applying different care tips. 
  To prepare your hair for long-term growth
Regularly cut and trim damaged areas with split ends or poorly maintained layers.
Hair coloring products and dyes can make your hair damage and harsh chemical in coloring can damages hair and restrict their growth.
Use shampoo suitable for your hair type and remember that hair is more delicate and can easily be damaged when wet.
Long hair needs regular conditioning to rejuvenate strands that may be years old.
Drink plenty of water for natural moisture to hair.
Eat a balanced diet including multivitamins and proteins to encourage hair growth.
Massage your hair with hot oil before washing and exercise also helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.
Avoid stressful situations that may prompt hair loss.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hot Curly Hair

             This look isn't about to go out of style anytime soon. Wavy hair is hot, hot, hot. Find out how to  
give yourself the red carpet look to die for.
Step by step instructions for how to get curls:
  • Start with clean damp hair. Apply gel or mousse or any curl creating product. For a messy curly look, blow-dry your hair with you head upside down. Squeeze you hair bit by bit in your palm. Once your hair dries up use hair spray to hold you hair.
  • For a delicate look use a dryer to dry your hair. When damp divide your hair into sections and apply rollers. Make it sure, the smaller the roller, the tighter they are tied. It is advisable to use small rollers around the face and larger ones at the back. Leave the rollers and let your hair air-dry, avoid blow-drying them. If using a dryer be careful not to blow out the forming curls. There are chances that using a dryer may separate and tangle the curls. Once dry remove the rollers and apply a hair shine product. Use your finger to separate or make curls as you wish to have. Use a hair spray to hold the curls.
 Tips for Wavy Curls
  • Use a conditioner with detangling agent.
  • Avoid washing your hair everyday. It is recommended to wash your on alternative days.
  • Gels with Guar Gum as ingredient gives style to curly hair and avoids tangles.
  • While using hair dryers leave them slightly damp and allow them to air dry.
  • Keep long layers to avoid the curls to spring out especially when your hairs are over curly.
  • Don't use hair products that have alcohol as their content.
  • Try light highlighting with thin stands to add shine and depths to your curly locks.
  • To separate the curs, wash hair, dry them using a towel, and use a spray or mousse with a non-aerosol hairspray. Now comb your hair and dry them with a diffuser.
  • Keep you hair short, as it is easy to manage short curly hair than long ones.

Homemade Lip Plumper Recipe

There are all kinds of products out there on the market that claim to plump and smooth your lips. If you're desperate enough, you can get cosmetic injections and even surgical implants to make your lips fuller. Why not just make your own lip plumper at home for a fraction of the cost and lovely results? To make lip plumper at home, you only need a few common items. The results are not permanent, but you can use your lip plumper as
often as you like to have beautiful full lips all day long. To make lip plumper, follow the below steps.


1.When you begin to make your lip plumper, take 2 tsp. of melted coconut oil and mix in small amounts of the ground ginger and cayenne pepper (about 1/8 tsp each). These spices will give a little sting and help to dilate the blood vessels in your lips. The dilation of the blood vessels in your lips is what makes them look fuller, as well as gives them a nice color.

2.For the next ingredient of your lip plumper, add 1 drop of essential peppermint oil, which gives the gloss a cooling effect. You will need something to cool your lips because the cayenne and ginger may burn a little.

3.Finally, pour the lip plumper mixture into your jar or tin and keep in a cool place. Enjoy your fuller, plumper lips!

Get Plump Lips With Make Up

Luscious, pouty, plump lips can be yours without cosmetic surgery. Plump up your lips with make up. Learn techniques including how to create highlights with make up, to give the illusion of plumber lips. Read tips on
how to create contours and shadows with make up in the lip area for natural lip plumping. Also learn how to
apply a lip plumper.

Prepare your Lips Before Plumping
Some lip pumping makeup products advise specifically against using the lip product on dry, cracked or chapped lips. Exfoliate lips to remove excess dry skin. Keep you lips from drying out by applying your favorite moisturizing lip balm or lip treatment nightly before bed. Opt for lip conditioners and balms containing SPF for day wear.  

How to Get Plump Lips with Makeup: Lip Plumpers
1. Line the lips along their natural line. If your lips are slightly uneven, you can also make adjustments with lip liner. For a more natural look, use a lip liner that matches your natural color. For a full night-time look, use a lip liner matching your lipstick.

2. Apply the lip plumper product, which comes in a long tube and has a lipstick shape applicator. If applying a tinted lip plumper, or a lipstick containing the lip plumper, you're done.

3. Apply lipstick on top of the lip plumper, if you used a sheer lip plump makeup product. 

Bottom Lip Contour
Create the illusion of a fuller bottom lip using foundation or pencil concealer. Choose a shade that is slightly darker than what you normally wear. If you tan in the summer months and use darker makeup, you can use that.

1. Apply a small line with the foundation or concealer directly below the center of your bottom lip.

2. Use a lip brush to blend the color toward the outer edges of the lip. This creates a natural shadow or contour line and the illusion of a plumper bottom lip.

1. Choose a a lipstick or eye shadow with light-refracting ingredients. You can also use a frosted lipstick that is a shade or two lighter than the one you are using on your full lips.

2. Apply a lighter lipstick to the center of the lips, to reflect light.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Automn-Hair Color-Skin Tone

Women always look their best when they dress and coordinate their hair color and makeup to match their season. If you are an Autumn there are a range of glorious shades that will ensure you look stunning every single day.

There are a large number of women who fall under the category of Autumn. In fact, Autumns make up the third largest population.
Within the Autumn category of coloring, there are actually four sub-categories or blends. An Absolute Autumn typically tends to have hair color that is copper red or neutral beige. The skin tone of a natural Autumn is warm.
A Gentle Autumn on the other hand tends to mix slightly with Summer and will have lighter hair colors.
Someone who is classified as a Golden Autumn can share some characteristics with Springs and at times have blonde hair and can wear more vivid colors.
Lastly, there are the Striking Autumns who blend with Winter and have dark hair color with warm undertones to their skin.
Because women who are warm Autumn color and skin tone usually have a sense of intensity to these warm skin tones, they need colors that enhance this warmth.
To compliment their skin tones, Autumns should wear colors that are earthy. Basically, colors that make you think of a warm, crisp Autumn day is typically going to flatter an Autumn.
Autumns are all about glowing warmth and muted beauty. An Autumn can wear colors that make you think of something exotic, spicy and mysterious with ease.

How to use a sunless self-tanner

Sunless self tanners are a genius way to get that fresh-from-the-outdoors tan without having to spend all that time exposing your skin to the sun’s damaging rays. Don’t be afraid of that getting horrible neon-orange look anymore; self-tanners have improved drastically and those scary orange days are long gone. Of course, self-tanners are not fool-proof. If applied with care, they turn out beautifully, but if they are haphazardly slathered on you might find yourself reluctant to leave the house for several days. The following tips will give you the know-how to apply self-tanner the right way every time.

Right on the labels of most self –tanning products you will see instructions to exfoliate before applying the lotion. The manufacturer didn’t put that on the label for no reason. It is imperative that you exfoliate every single inch of your skin thoroughly before you even think of applying self-tanner. Shower immediately before you plan to apply the lotion and while you are in there,exfoliate your body with a rough sugar scrub or a product with large granules. Exfoliating will slough off dead skin cells and smooth out the layer of skin to which the tanner is being applied which will help you from leaving behind streaks and dark spots. It also helps your self-tan last longer .

Get the right shade. If you are starting out with pale skin do not grab the darkest self-tanning shade from the shelf in hopes that you can have an instant mega tan. You will look so fake and so streaky that you’ll never want to leave the house again. Start out with caution. You don’t want your friends and co-workers to think something is wrong with your skin. You want everyone to say, “I don’t know what it is about you, but you look so radiant today!” Choosing the right shade is important but it isn’t an easy task. How can you tell what color the lotion will be on your skin when it dries? You can’t. Because you can’t, it is best to use caution. Try a product that has a low concentration of the “tanning” agent DHA.

 Mix equal parts self-tanner and regular body lotion together in a dish and make sure the two products are blended thoroughly so you get an even application. The lotion helps lessen the intensity of the color and also helps prevent streaking by making the application smoother. 

 Self-tanner sets in quick enough as it is. Don’t make the mistake of trying one of those “quick-drying” products. Self tanner should be worked in slowly, starting off on one small area of skin and moving on to another and another small area of skin until you have covered your whole face or body. If you don’t work slowly and thoroughly you will end up with nasty streaks. 

Even the slow drying tanner sets in fast so stop what you are doing every couple of minutes and go wash your hands. If you don’t, your hands will be dark, streaky, spotty and maybe even orange. Use soap and completely scrub the whole hand, including the often missed areas around your fingernails. Orange streaky hands are an unsightly dead giveaway that you have been self-tanning. Or even better, wear gloves and use caution.

Choose Make up According to Skin Type

Make up application is different on dark skin; in the party and in the office the same way it's different on different skin types and different age groups. While putting make up one has to keep in mind the weather, skin type, age group, complexion and occasion, as everything and all colors don't look good on everybody. Applying make up on dark skin tone or in a party and office is completely different.

Dark skin-women with dark skin tone should apply light make up with warm color tones. Colors, which are nude and natural, don't suit the earthy skin tone so much. So women with dark skin should apply more of browns, terracotta and maroon shades. When choosing a foundation they should go just one shade lighter than their skin tone. They should not apply much lighter shade of foundation, as it will spoil their look. Their skin will not look natural.

And these days dusky skin is in demand so one should feel good about it as people so get tanned and apply bronze and dark highlighters to get a dark skin tone. Pinks, reds and silver shades don't look good on dark skin; they make it look dull and darker whereas medium shades of mauve, browns and golden look better on dusky skin. Matt finish make up look better on dark skin tone. Women with dark skin should avoid using gloss and gels in their make up as they make the skin tone appear dull. Even while applying lip colors, eye shadows and blushers one should keep the right shades in mind and that way even dark skin look gorgeous.

Party-parties are the best occasion to apply make up. One can play and experiment with colors for a party but one has to keep in mind all the other factors as age, skin type, weather and even time. Lighting should be proper when applying make up on the skin. As make up application should be different if the party is in daytime or if it's in the night. While going for a party one should do the proper cleaning of the face with cleanser and then one should apply toner and moisturizer.

If there is dead skin or black heads on the face, one can use mild scrubber on the face to remove them. If the skin is really tired and looking dull, one can prepare the skin for the party by applying a nice face pack, suitable to the skin. Now when the skin is ready, one can apply foundation on the face and neck. Eye shadow, liner, mascara for the eye make up and proper blusher on the cheeks. Lips should be defined and filled with nice long lasting lip color.

Long lasting lip colors are better for party as they remain subtle for hours even after eating and one doesn't need to apply the lip color again and again. Compact should be applied to give the make up a finishing touch. Just the facial make up is not sufficient for a party. One should keep even the hands and legs clean. So if one doesn't get time to apply nail color, one should keep the nails cut and filed properly otherwise no matter how well one's make up is done, it looses the entire impact of one's personality if the hands and feel are dirty. Hair should be done well and one can apply a nice scent to add spice to one's make up. If the party is in daytime one should apply light colors and dark shades should be applied if the party is in the night.

Office-make up for the office should be light and natural. One should do proper cleaning of the face and should avoid applying foundation as foundation might make the skin feel patchy and unnatural. If someone cant make it without foundation, then one can apply light mousse's available in the market which are made for day usage and has sunscreen factor in them.

One should apply light moisturizer depending on the skin type. If one wants to add some color, one can apply light and natural shades of eye shadow. Proper eyeliner is must to define the eyes. One should not use blusher for the office. But nice and long lasting lipstick is must for office make up. One should finish the make up with the application of a compact powder. For the office make up one should choose the shades which look fresh as office make up is done in the morning, and dark colors look better in the night. Little gloss on lips and mascara on eyes look good when office make up is done. Office make up should be done in day light only as if one does it in the artificial light, one might not get it proper when stepping out of the house in the natural light.

How to Apply Make up in 10 Easy Step

1.Apply a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation. Dot it on over any blemishes or under-eye circles and blend with your fingertips or a makeup sponge. If your concealer tends to cake, apply eye cream first.

2. Choose foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Apply it in dots over the central part of your face, then blend it out with a makeup sponge or your fingertips until it covers your entire face.

3.Use a loose or pressed powder to keep foundation and concealer on longer. Use pressed powder to touch up when you're away from home.

4.Do your eyebrows next. Use powdered eyebrow shadow on brows instead of pencil, which can often look unnatural. Apply it with a hard, slanted brush.

5.Choose three colors of eye shadow: light, medium and dark. Use the dark only to line your upper eyelid, in a fairly thin line along the upper lashes. Use the medium shade for the crease and the lightest shade for the area under the eyebrow. There are many variations on eye shadow application techniques.(I will add another article to help you more in details later)

6.Apply eyeliner. Use a cake eyeliner with a damp, thin liner brush, or an eyeliner pencil, and line the lower lid below the lashes. Line only the outer two-thirds of the lower lid, or all the way across if you're trying to achieve a darker look. Line all the way across the upper lid (just above the lash line and as close to the lashes as possible), or start the line where your lashes begin.

7.Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes, in two thin coats to avoid clumpiness. Choose brown mascara if your coloring is fair; black or brown-black works well for darker coloring. Or try a colored mascara such as navy or plum for fun, but don't go too bright if you want to be taken seriously.

8.Smile to find the apples of your cheeks, and apply blush to the apples or below, whichever you prefer. If you have to blend in blush, it's too bright.

9.Choose a lipstick color that's suited to your skin tone and that's perfect for your day look. You can mix colors and textures to suit your moods and your outfits.
10.Line lips after applying lipstick, not before. That way you won't end up with a dark circle of lip liner after your lipstick has worn off. Avoid combining very dark lip liner and pale lipstick.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

strong healty nails

Nails take lots of abuse and wear-and-tear from daily tasks. We use them to open, pry and scratch. We expose them to chemicals and detergents. So it’s no surprise when our polish chips, or worse, our nails become weak and damaged. Fortunately, you can protect your nails and boost their health. Here’s how, along with step-by-step tips on creating a pretty and polished manicure, so you’ll always want your dashing digits on display! 

Nail health and growth
Nails are made up of keratin proteins. Typically, they grow “an eighth of an inch per month,” writes Michele Bender in Good Housekeeping. However, hormonal fluctuations, temperature or seasonal changes, diet, age and nail trauma or infection can influence this rate

Also, people’s nails grow at different rates, according to nail specialist and New York University dermatology professor Paul Kechijian, M.D. And there’s no way you can make nails grow longer or faster.
Medical conditions can also affect nail health and appearance. For example, thin nails, ridges and changes in nail color could be signs of iron deficiency. Heart conditions may result in reddish nails. Thyroid problems can cause nails to become dry and brittle. Lung, kidney, liver or other conditions can also lead to changes in nail color and texture, reports Sherry Rauh in Redbook.

However, not everyone with these health problems will develop nail symptoms, and usually other non-nail symptoms will show up first. On the other hand, having nail problems doesn’t necessarily mean that you have one of these diseases, according to Christine Laine, M.D., a spokesperson for the American College of Physicians.
Proper care for strong, healthy nails
 Protecting your nails from dehydration and keeping them moisturized are crucial. In fact, many nail problems — dullness, roughness, weakness, softness, splitting and peeling — result from dryness and dehydration. Moisturizing creams, oils or vitamin E capsules restore hydration, so nails become strong and healthy.
Also, be sure to moisturize and care for your cuticles (the skin surrounding the edge of your nail bed). Cuticles are the starting point from which new nails grow. “If the cuticle is supple, the new cells can push through more easily, so they arrive at the nail bed in the best of health,” explains Helen Foster in The Beauty Book.
soaking your hands in water — especially hot water — will suck out natural moisture from your skin and nails. Harsh cleaners and detergents make the problem even worse. The result? Rough skin and weak nails.
To protect your hands, nails and cuticles, always wear rubber gloves when cleaning or washing dishes.

the last tip — don’t use your nails to open, scratch, peel or pick at objects. This weakens them and makes them more prone to breakage. 

How To Prevent Hair From Falling ?

Hair fall is a common problem affecting most of the women worldwide. The causes are many ranging from treating your to color and perm,tying hair tightly and not maintaining it well or even using the wrong shampoo and conditioner. You need to be careful of the shampoo you use on your hair to prevent and protect it from breaking. Pick one that suits your hair type and avoid experimenting with different products in the market.

Here are some tips how to prevent hair from falling?

It is known that balance diet helps to keep hair healthy and in turn prevent hair from breaking easily. It also helps to make your hair stronger.
Treat your hair kindly and gently. Do not apply much pressure while combing it and never use harsh treatment on your hair, especially if you are prone to hair fall. Limit treatment such as coloring, straightening, blow drying, perming and bleaching to protect your hair and keep them healthy and strong.
Allow your hair to air dry a bit before beginning to blow dry it. This means you’ll spend less time on your style and your hair will reap the benefit of less time in the heat. If your hair breaks easily,try to use Vekcro rollers instead of metal brushes and curling irons when stylist your do. They don’t get as hot as metal stylers which can possibly burn or damage your hair.
Most importantly,never take chances when it comes to your shampoo and conditioner. Using the wrong shampoo and conditioner can make your hair weak,dry and lacklustre which leads to hair breakage.

How To Fight The Hair Fall ?

If you are like the many women who suffer from hair breakage,fight it out with these simple treatment.
Brushing your hair gently improves blood circulation which in turn result in stronger hair follicles. This prevents hair from breaking easily.
Its also important to clean hair properly. Never brush wet hair, you’ll only damage the hair and cause it to break more easily. If you must, use a wide-toothed comb and gently disentangle parts of it at a time.
Brush your hair before washing it in the shower. You will have less tangles when you get out of the shower which means no more tugging or pulling on fragile wet hair which can snap easier than when its dry.