Sunday, September 19, 2010

Automn-Hair Color-Skin Tone

Women always look their best when they dress and coordinate their hair color and makeup to match their season. If you are an Autumn there are a range of glorious shades that will ensure you look stunning every single day.

There are a large number of women who fall under the category of Autumn. In fact, Autumns make up the third largest population.
Within the Autumn category of coloring, there are actually four sub-categories or blends. An Absolute Autumn typically tends to have hair color that is copper red or neutral beige. The skin tone of a natural Autumn is warm.
A Gentle Autumn on the other hand tends to mix slightly with Summer and will have lighter hair colors.
Someone who is classified as a Golden Autumn can share some characteristics with Springs and at times have blonde hair and can wear more vivid colors.
Lastly, there are the Striking Autumns who blend with Winter and have dark hair color with warm undertones to their skin.
Because women who are warm Autumn color and skin tone usually have a sense of intensity to these warm skin tones, they need colors that enhance this warmth.
To compliment their skin tones, Autumns should wear colors that are earthy. Basically, colors that make you think of a warm, crisp Autumn day is typically going to flatter an Autumn.
Autumns are all about glowing warmth and muted beauty. An Autumn can wear colors that make you think of something exotic, spicy and mysterious with ease.

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