Friday, October 01, 2010

Methods For Applying Eye Shadow

Method I :

1. Prime the lids by applying a light touch of foundation or concealer to the lids to even skin tone and help shadow adhere to the lid. Blend well, but use a gentle touch and use your ring finger on this sensitive skin area.
2. Apply mascara second so it won’t mess up your eyeshadow by getting those little dots of mascara on it before it dries when you blink.
 3. Sweep a color similar to your skin tone (or a touch lighter) over the entire lid from lashes to brow bone. Start at the bottom of your eyelid and work your way up.
4. Sweep a light white shadow (shimmer or matte, your preference) directly under the brows from the middle of the eye outwards. This is your brow bone highlighter and will help to open up the eyes.
5.  Take the next darkest color and sweep shadow across the eyes from lash line to the crease. Blend well outwards.
6. Apply dark shadow. For the most impact, the darkest color can be applied to the crease of the eye from the corners to the outer edges, blended well. Blending is key to avoid a drastic line across the crease. Another option is to use the darkest shadow to create a sideways “V” on the sides of the eyes. Lightly apply shadow to the outer third of the crease and blend into the outer edges of the eyelid, creating a sideways “V” shape (The pointed end of the v would be pointing away from the eyes, to help visualize). This helps to define the shape of the eyes, and makes them appear bigger by bringing the focus outwards. For a more natural look, apply a medium-dark shadow in the crease and a slightly darker color in the corner.
  7. Finish with a careful application of eyeliner to the top lid in a complimentary color. There are so many fantastic eyeliner colors available today, so experiment with what is out there. Plums, greens, and browns are flattering to many eye colors. Tilt the head forward while looking down, and dash short lines along the lash line to avoid drags and smudges.
 Method II :

1. Apply concealer and mascara as described previously.
2. Apply eyeliner under the eyes (above eyelashes) and a thin line above the eyes close to the eyelashes.
3. Grab your thinnest eyeshadow brush and dab it in the black eyeshadow.

    * Raise your eyebrows, find the crease of your upper eyelid (where you might feel the bone for the top of your eye socket), and then take the brush and line it with the eyeshadow. Do it as if you’re holding a pencil and you’re using it to draw on your eyes. Do this to make a half circle above your eyes. (Don’t go too far out to the side of your face when doing this step)

4. Dab the same brush in your black eyeshadow

    * Fill in the space between the line of eyeshadow you just created, and the eyeliner on your eyelid.
    * Make sure to do this lightly so the first line of eyeshadow stands out more

5. Grab your thicker eyeshadow brush and lighter color of eyeshadow (of your choice, it doesn’t necessarily have to be yellow) and dab it in that.

    * Lightly sweep it across the top of your dark line of black eyeshadow. (don’t go too low on the sides of your face)
    * Dab it back in the eyeshadow and again lightly dab it where you already swept it across. Dab lightest at the edge of your outer eye and the edge of your inner eye to
create a smoky, well maintained effect.

7. To do the bottom part of the eyeshadow, take out your thin brushed eyeshadow brush again and dab it in your black eyeshadow. (Tap it on the rim to get rid of excess eyeshadow that could fall off the brush and leave unattractive black spots of eyeshadow under your eyes or on your cheeks!)

    * With one easy motion, start by putting the brush under your bottom lashes and sweeping it from side to side in a straight motion to create the point under the eye on both sides.

8. Touch up by making sure no excess eyeshadow fell onto unwanted places on your face and adding a little more concealer to seal the deal. and you’re done!

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