Monday, October 11, 2010

8 Beauty Treat

There are some spa treatments everyone should experience at least once simply because they are amazing!

1. Full Body Massage
Full body massages are super relaxing, with the masseuse concentrating on your back, legs, arms and neck. They usually last around an hour, and are great for soothing muscle pains and getting rid of stress and tension. I sometimes find normal body massages too harsh, however, and would recommend opting for a Swedish massage the first time, which is a lot gentler and amazingly relaxing. It feels divine!

2. Body Wraps
There are many types of body wrap, including algae, clay, mud, seaweed...even chocolate! Of course they have different effects on your skin, but all of them will leave you glowing. An aesthetician will cover you in the wrap, and then wrap you in warm cloths. Typically, you stay in the wrap for around twenty minutes, before they are removed and you can wash. They make you glow! Your skin will look better than ever, and it's surprisingly relaxing too. Perfect!

3. Salt Glow
Salt glows are professional exfoliations, which make your skin look radiant and healthy. The salt glow is usually a mixture of salt, oil and an aromatic such as lemon or lime, which is applied to your skin by a therapist. Some massage the mixture around, whereas others allow it to sit, and then you wash it off. You don't moisturize afterwards, in an attempt to leave some oil on the skin, but you can follow this treatment with a massage or body wrap.

4. Hair Therapy
I love this! There is nothing that relaxes you quite as quickly as a good head massage. A masseuse will give you an invigorating head massage, before applying a deep conditioning treatment  to your hair. This will soothe your scalp and make your hair shiny, and generally feel amazing. Your hair will be in great condition when you are finished, and you'll feel utterly relaxed.

5. Thai Bodywork
, it combines acupressure, reflexology and yoga; and a therapist will help you to move your body in order to release stress, tension and remove energy blocks. It's not only relaxing, but completely rejuvenating too.

6. Hot Stone Massage
This involves a therapist heating smooth stones in different sizes, and applying them to the back. A mix of the weight and heat is very relaxing, and feels utterly blissful. These massages can take as little as half an hour or up to three, and are a great variation from usual massages.

7. Flotation Therapy
This involves getting into a shallow pool full of Epsom salts, which mimics the effects of zero gravity. Regardless of your shape or size, you can float comfortably, and it's so stress relieving. It's also fantastic if you are suffering from muscle or back pain, as the lack of gravity really eases the pain. It's an amazing experience, and you'll feel blissful afterwards.

8. Facials
Sometimes, everyone needs a facial. Whether you need relaxation, rejuvenation or just pampering, there is a facial for you, and they all nourish your skin to make you look amazing. If you want something slightly different, try a light based facial. A bit strange, but you'll look and feel amazing afterwards!
Thinking about these treatments makes me want to hit the spa right away. They really are amazing, and anything that makes you feel and look great is worth doing, right? Take some time out and hit a spa, you won't regret it!

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