Friday, October 01, 2010

10 Secrets For Applying EyeShadow

Secret #1: Blending is key
 You use three different colors: The base, usually a very light taupe, a highlighter for the crease and a main color for the lid, but how to get them to look as if they merge into each other like the colors of a rainbow?
Start light then go darker. Brush the base color to the entire eye up to the brow bone (base is the lightest color), apply the lid color (the medium color) and THEN apply the highlighter (the darkest color). Also, don't be too heavy-handed or you'll have to start over.

Extra tip: Practice makes perfect. Play with your makeup a few days before a big event.
Secret #2: Choose shadows that make the color of your eyes pop
Gone are the days when beauty experts advised against blue shadow. Matching the color of your eye with a shadow actually brings the color out (think blue shadow on blue eyes). At the same time, contrasting colors make eyes pop too (think a deep jeweled blue shadow on deep brown eyes or gorgeous golds with blue eyes).

Secret #3: Never apply deep color to your browbone -- unless you're doing a cover shoot for Vogue
You don't want the drama too much shadow brings. Apply shadow up to the browbone but don't apply shadow ON the bone unless it's a neutral color.
Secret #4: Highlighter can make or break your look
When applying dark shadow to the crease of your eye, be careful to blend only on the outside edge. Get to close to the eye and you'll cause your eyes to look teeny and beady.
Secret #5: Set shadow with a great base
Primers are super hot right now because they help set makeup that stays for hours.
Secret #6: Shimmer is hot, but shows off wrinkles
Shimmer makes eyes really pop, but it also highlights heavy lids, lines and wrinkles. If you don't have wrinkled eyelids yet, try this great look for shimmer: create a "nude" lid, but apply a bit of gold shimmer to the browbone. Gorgeous!
Secret #7: Smokey is great, but keep it to the lid
Making up a smokey eye? Keep color to the lid and just under the lower lashline. Don't extend color above the crease.

Secret #8: You should splurge on a good eyeshadow
A great eyeshadow  will stay on your eyes all day long, while a cheap palette will have faded by the time you finish your mid-morning coffee. What's more, quality department counter eyeshadows typically have richer colors.
Secret #8: How to pair shadow with red lips
Remember the beauty rule "Thou Shalt Not Play up the Lips AND the Mouth." If you're going for dramatic red lips (never out of fashion), cover unsightly blue lines on lids with a concealer or shadow primer and then keep eyeshadow light.
Secret #9: Make eyes brighter with white
A dot of white shadow or pencil on the inside of the eye near the tear duct will make eyes look brighter. You won't believe how eye-opening this is. It works so great,
Secret #10: Go for color
Consider mixing shades if you bought a color that's just too bold for you. Mixing an electric blue with taupe can turn out the most perfect color.

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