Monday, October 04, 2010

Beauty Tips for Looking Gorgeous in Glasses


When it comes to eye makeup and glasses, beauty experts agree that less is more. As makeup guru Bobbi Brown explains in Prevention, “overdone eye makeup will clash with your frames and look garish.”

Instead, keep it subtle, but match your makeup with your frames and lenses, which can alter the appearance of your eyes. Here’s how.
Thick, colorful frames:  Resist the temptation to apply heavy liner, mascara and eye shadow — especially if you wear thick or colorful frames. Instead, beauty expert Val Monroe of O Magazine recommends pairing soft black liner with volumizing mascara. And, if eye shadow is a must, choose a neutral shade.

Thin or unframed glasses:  Monroe also points out that women who wear thin or unframed glasses can get away with a bit more when it comes to color and amount of makeup. So, for those days when you feel playful, consider having a special set of glasses for a bolder look.

Nearsighted lenses: According to Bobbi Brown, prescription lenses for nearsightedness can make the eyes appear smaller. To make eyes look bigger, line the top and bottom with liner. Fair-skinned individuals should select a dusky charcoal or deep brown, while anyone with darker skin looks great with a bold shade of black.

Glasses draw more attention to your brows. So, whether you decide to DIY or see a stylist, don’t forget to keep your eyebrows clean and well groomed. Fill in any gaps with a brow powder and, in between waxes, be sure to pluck those stray hairs.
Glasses are an everyday reality for many women — but they don’t have to complicate your beauty routine. Remember, for makeup to compliment your eyewear, try not to overdo your application. Embrace a look that naturally fits your features and personality. And, if it’s within your budget, consider having several different styles of frames to give you plenty of options when creating a look for every occasion.

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