Saturday, December 18, 2010

Important Reasons Why Replace Your Makeup

There are lots of reasons you need to replace your makeup on a pretty regular basis, and here are the most important ones.

1. Grainy, Thick Foundation
After half a year or so, liquid foundations and other types of liquid concealers
have a tendency to get thick. They get those weird bubbles and they no longer go on smoothly. Some of them can even take on an odor, and you simply do not want to be wearing that on your face.

2. Bacterial Blues
In reference to my little eye problem, anything that goes on your eyes should ideally be replaced between three and six months. This especially applies to eyeliner and mascara. If you really cannot bring yourself to replace your mascara, then try to wash the brush itself in hot water every couple of months. That can also make your mascara go on smoothly again.

3. Germ Carriers
Every makeup brush can carry germs. If you use the brushes and puffs that come with your blush, eyeshadow, or powder, then often it can be easier just to replace the product. However, a lot of people use their own brushes. In that case, just make sure you clean them regularly.

4. liquid eyeliner
If you use a liquid eyeliner
, it is even more important to be vigilant. That carries more germs than a pencil. You shouldn’t even go six months before replacing liquid liner. Do so every three months at least, so you aren’t putting your health in jeopardy. It’s easy to get pink eye
when you don’t

5. Lipstick
Here’s some good news: a lot of people worry that lipstick and gloss is like eyeliner, and needs to be replaced. However, if you aren’t sharing it around with all your friends, you’re safe for about a year. That being said, if you get sick or have a cold sore or something like that, it’s a good idea to replace your lip color earlier.

6. Sponging
A lot of people don’t realize this, but makeup artists
and other experts are adamant about never using your makeup sponge more than once. Doing so can spread all kinds of bacteria. Since sponges are relatively inexpensive, if you use them, make sure you pluck out a new one every time you apply your makeup.

7. That’s Sick
Any time you are seriously sick, you may want to overhaul your makeup. At the very least, you should get rid of “susceptible products,” especially if you are sick with a bacterial based infection. That most often means you will want to toss your mascara and eyeliner first.